Resources for Teachers, Researchers and Activists

Many sections within the URPE website contain useful resources. If you can't find what you are looking for in the sections below, contact Economy Connection, and we will try to help.

Back issues of our journal, the Review of Radical Political Economics, from 1969 to the present, are available online to URPE members whose membership includes a subscription to the RRPE. So, Join URPE! to access this valuable resource. If you are an URPE member and want to access RRPE articles, click on (New members will receive a member number and instructions on activation.)

All members receive our Newsletter, which includes interesting articles, as well as reports on current activities.

Our Publications sections also includes a flyer for our 2000 collection, Political Economy and Contemporary Capitalism.

Economy Connection, URPE's speaker/resource bureau, includes resource pages about Iran and Social Security, and a page with links and reading lists with accessible resources for High School students and teachers, or for anyone else seeking an introduction to economics. For help finding resources on specific topics, contact Economy Connection.

Our Heterodox Economics section lists many journals, books and websites.

And our Resources section – where you are now! – lists books, teaching materials, syllabi, resource lists, and websites.


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