URPE at #Occupy

Many URPE/EC members and others from the general URPE community have signed themselves up to do teach-ins and forums organized by various Occupations around the country. Some take place at the encampments and others take place in nearby locations. In some cities, these talks have been facilitated by URPE and other organizations, such as Dollars and Sense in Boston. Economy Connection has had requests for speakers in Chicago, Albuquerque, New Haven and NYC. And some URPE people have written articles and opinion pieces on OWS for various publications and websites.

Some Occupy sites have been cleared by local police and politicians, but whether or not the encampments exist, the movement continues, and URPE members are participating.

This page is in formation – please send links to any Occupy-related activities in which you have taken part!


Political Economy of the 99%: Today and Tomorrow

Click here for a flyer on the Febuary 28 planning meeting, and click here for general information on the Summer Conference.

Contact the URPE National Office with suggestions and offers to help.



Click here to read and sign a statement by economists in support of Occupy Wall Street.



Occupy, many locations

Please send us information about your involvement in the Occupy movement!

Occupy ASSA (article by Chris Sturr, with videos of protest included)
Occupy Chicago website on ASSA (including links at bottom of page to flyer and URPE statement)

Members of the Chicago Political Economy Group conduct a "design your own utopia" workshop at an Occupy Chicago teach-in. For more information visit cpegonline.org or facebook.com/cpegonline.

Jim Devine, Los Angeles, Nov. 12, 2011: Wall Street's Power, Parasitism, and Perils


Economics Forums at Occupy Boston’s Free School University have featured URPE people and some of their talks are online – some in video format. See these pages (individual listings coming soon):
http://dollarsandsense.org/blog/ (scroll down)



In NYC the URPE presence has been a combination of people signing up on their own, and a small group (Julio Huato, Paddy Quick, Chris Rude, Sara Burke and Ruthie Indeck) thinking about ways to involve URPE. This group has begun to schedule some open forums and teach-ins, and to look for ways to make URPE resources accessible to OWS. For past and future NYC events, at Liberty Plaza and Washingtion Square Park, you can look through this calendar:

Getting involved: For updated information on getting involved in OWS NYC educational events, click here. (This info continues to change.)

Some NYC Teach-Ins and Open Forums by URPE and EC members and friends:

Chris Rude, Sept. 28, "Global Crisis of Sovereign Debt"

Rick Wolff, Oct. 4, "Occupy Wall Street Ends Capitalism's Alibi"

Sara Burke, Oct. 11, "Why Inequality Destabilizes the Economy (and what we can do about it)"

Behzad Yaghmaian, Oct. 12, "The Attack on the Public Sector – A new Global Strategy for Labor Market Restructuring"

Ruthie Gilmore, Oct. 18, "The World We Want Is the World We Need"

George Caffentzis, Oct. 22, "The Student Loan Abolition Movement"

Fred Magdoff & John Bellamy Foster, "Capitalism and Environmental Catastrophe"

Max Fraad Wolff, Nov. 2, "The 2008 to 20?? Financial Crisis Explored
Audio Max   Q&A

Brent Kramer, Nov. 7, "The National Debt: Fact and Fiction"

Mike Zweig, Nov. 14, Library talk on second edition of The Working Class Majority: America's Best Kept Secret

Paddy Quick, Nov. 14, "Intro Economics for the 99%"
Audio Paddy  Q&A   Text

Paddy Quick, December, Occupy Patchogue: A Teach-in.
"Wall Street and Main Street: The Economics of the 99%"

Raymond Lotta, several dates, "Are Corporations and Banks 'Corrupting The System,' Or is The Problem 'The System of Capitalism'?"

Chris Rude and Sara Burke, February 16-18, participated in and helped organize
"Making Worlds: An OWS Forum on the Commons"

Jack Hammond, Feb. 26, participated in OWS Town Square at Tompkins Square Park, joining a discussion of book-banning in Tucson, and empowerment through education


March Lunchtime events

Doug Henwood with Andy of Yes Men, March 4, "They probably should not sell you fire insurance on someone else's house: 5 Key Changes in the Financial System and Why They are So Important"

Julio Huato, March 13, "Understanding Some Fundamental Problems with Modern Finance"
Slides   Video

Joan Hoffman, March 16, "From Protest to Collaboration to Protest: Our Hydrofracking Problems in Perspective"

Mike Zweig, March 16, "The Occupy Movement and Resistance to the Corporate-Driven Agenda in the US"


Occupy University Lunchtime Course – "Studying May Day and the General Strike"

Immanuel Ness with Jeremy Brecher, March 11, "What Is the General Strike? – Pillaging the Dustbin of History: What Can We Learn for Occupy May Day?"

Paddy Quick with Barbara Bowen, March 18, "How Can We Fight Austerity?"

Michelle Holder with Premilla Nadasen, April 1, "What Does Labor Look Like Today? – How Are Informal Workers Redefining the Labor Movement?"
Holder Video

Ray Korona, April 29, singing "Tous Ensemble," about 1995 French strike
Tous Ensemble (mp3)


May Day at Bryant Park – "Understanding the Dangers of Power and Wealth Imbalances and What We Can Do About It: Nine Economists Speak Out"
(Below is the planned program for this event. On May Day, some of the speakers gave their presentations, while others responded to individual questions and spoke with reporters.)

Radhika Balakrishnan, "Why Human Rights is Important to Economic Policy"
Video of Interview (start 7 minutes in)

Paddy Quick and Julio Huato, "Financial Crises and Austerity Policies: Understanding Capitalist Strategies"
Video of Julio Interview (first 7 minutes)

Sara Burke and Chris Rude, "Understanding Power Imbalances and their Effects"
Video Part One (start at 2 minutes)  Video Part Two  Video Part Three (first 32 minutes)

Max Fraad Wolff, "The De-Evolution of the Housing Collapse"
Video (start 32 minutes into recording)

Kim Christensen and Renee Toback, "How Inequality Created the Current Crisis, and What to Do Now"
Renee Video Part One  Renee Video Part Two  Kim Video (Start 7 minutes in)
Renee's Charts:  PDF  PPT   Kim's Reading List: PDF  Kim's Charts:  PDF  PPT

Peg Rapp, "Alternative Economic Solutions"
Video (Start at 47 minutes in)



URPE members Jenny Brown and Mark Brenner, as well as other reporters at Labor Notes have been covering OWS, particularly its connection to labor. Search the site for "occupy."

See Sara Burke’s article on OWS in the upcoming URPE Fall 2011 Newsletter.

Chris Rude, Oct. 1 interview on KPFA (start 43 minutes into the show)

Mike Zweig, "OWS Has Lessons to Learn from Past Movements"

Radhika Balakrishnan and James Heintz, "Occupy Wall Street From a Human Rights Lens"

Rick Wolff, various articles here

Sheila Collins, "Occupy Wall Street: The Making of a New World"

Scott Carter, "Occupy Economics! The Occupy Movement and Economic Theory"
(First appeared in Red State: The Journal of Socialist Thought from the American Heartland, Volume 1: Issue 3.)

Julio Huato, "Reflecting on Occupy Wall Street #ows"

John Weeks, "Occupy Wall Street: Why Bother the Bankers?"

John Weeks, "Mean, Median and Mode of Impoverishment: Why to Occupy Wall Street"

Ismael Hossein-zadeh, "An Insidious Threat to the Occupy Movement"

David Laibman, "Concerning the Occupy Movement and 'Insidious Threats'"

Julie Matthaei & Neil Wollman, "Why the Occupy Movement is Good for Our Health"

URPE Newsletter, Fall 2011 – Issue devoted to Occupy movement

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