Participating in OWS NYC

It has been exciting to see how many URPE members, and people who are part of the broader URPE community, gave teach-ins or open forums, or engaged in one-on-one discussions on their own at Liberty Square in the fall, and have continued to work with OWS committees and projects in the months since OWS left Liberty Square. If you want to see who some of the presenters have been, and what their topics were, go to Then Click on Events in the navigation bar at the top, and fill in the search categories starting with Sept. 17. Or see the list of talks by URPE people in NYC and all over the US on our OWS page. If you have been involved in an Occupy event, please send an email, and a link to a recording or paper if you have one.

A number of URPE members living close to NYC have been exploring ways URPE can facilitate this involvement organizationally.

One major project is planning for the URPE Summer Conference – contact the URPE National Office to find out how to get involved in the planning, and check our Summer Conference pages for information on the conference.

The NYC General Assembly currently includes 107 working groups (in various stages of development and definition) that meet to plan various local activities, keep their organization going, educate themselves and others, and collaborate with other progressive/radical groups. Click on Groups at the link above to see them. New groups are constantly appearing, and existing groups are constantly changing.

The Empowerment and Education Working Group engages in activities that might interest URPE people. It coordinates talks. In the fall these were mostly open forums, teach-ins and workshops at Liberty and elsewhere. Currently they are still sponsoring teach-ins at a large public space at 60 Wall St. and also around the city. Every other week there is an "Occupy Town Square" (Facebook page) in a public space in a different part of NYC. These include information tables, short teach-ins, individual political discussions, etc. Occupy University will coordinate free classes in various parts of NYC. Some classes have started. A preliminary launch is planned for March 1, and by May 1 this committee plans to have a number of classes in session. There is also a committee on Student Debt. This page gives descriptions of the E&E subcomittees, and their contact emails (click on the paragraph next to the sun to expand the description):

There is an Alternative Banking committee.

Practical Change ( is replacing the wonderful Liberty Square library with an on-line library. The website contains forums that allow you to list your favorite books, videos, websites, etc. Some URPE resources are already on the site.

And many more . . .


To give a teach-in at a public space or in conjunction with an OWS action, or to participate in a Town Square, write to: or

To offer a class at Occupy University, write to:
Also go to to read about the project, and become familiar with OWS views on how to teach courses.

To offer suggestions of books, articles, websites, videos, etc., go to, sign up, and submit your suggestions.

To become involved in any group, go to the NYC General Assembly site,, click on Groups, find your group, and find the contact information.

To receive a weekly OWS email newsletter, click here:


  • The 2007/2008 financial crisis explained
  • Inflation effects explained
  • Government debt: who do we owe, when is it due, how heavily do we rely on other countries to fund us, what are the limitations, how will this affect our future, etc.
  • US budget: current budget-making process
  • Health care and economy. The cycle of money within the current Healthcare System (Medical Schools, Doctors, Pharmaceutical Companies)
  • How does stock exchange work
  • Iceland 2008-2011 financial crisis and measures for resolution
  • Basic Banking: what do banks do for us and what does our money do for them? Projected profits from recent scale-up in fees (if available)
  • Bailout: what were the economic arguments for this? Will Americans ever recuperate their “loan”?
  • Obama’s September $447 billion job package: is this a solution?
  • Welfare:  how does it work, how can you access it and how long can you rely on it?
  • The stimulus package: What was it? How were the almost $800 billion allocated and did we or can we expect to see any real results?
  • How to save your money (how much should you save, how can you keep it safe, what are the alternatives to banks?)
  • The economic impact of the wars 


Ruthie Indeck (part of NYC URPE group including Paddy Quick, Julio Huato, Chris Rude, Sara Burke)