URPE has a Blog on WordPress for URPE members who wish to blog, share ideas, make announcements, discuss matters, ask questions, or plain think aloud.

Introducing URPE’s Blog Hub

With so much at stake, the U.S. political transition and the global economic crisis are inciting a renewed and palpable interest in the radical approach to economic, social, and political analysis. Since 1968, URPE has offered activists, students, and academics from all over the world a broad array of tools to critically examine and challenge the economic and political status quo. URPE’s Blog Hub is yet another tool that, we expect, will be of service to the public.

URPE’s Blog Hub is a venue open to all URPE members who wish to blog or link their existing (individual or collective) blogs, listservs, or web sites. To be added as a contributor (blogger) of this hub or to have your link added, please e-mail the administrator at urpe.mail@gmail.com. Please note that blog posts on this hub are not moderated or edited, and the views expressed are the sole responsibility of the individual authors. URPE limits itself to providing a tool and a forum for communication and cooperation among its members and — more importantly — a channel to present those views to larger audiences. Comments are welcome. They are lightly moderated to filter out spam, hate speech, and personal invective.

We ask that the content plugged be reasonably consistent (something that we should interpret broadly and generously) with URPE's general goals: http://www.urpe.org/about/abouthome.html.

If you want to send an occasional post to the Blog, email it to urpe.mail@gmail.com. If you want to become a regular blogger and to have your posts go through immediately, please include a request for an invitation to open a WordPress account. Through this account you can either start your own blog, or become a User on URPE's blog. To comment on a particular post, click on the Comment section right below the title.

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