Job Postings

URPE keeps its own listing of a number of job postings that seem particualrly suited to URPE members. In addition we have here links to a number of other sources of job postings where URPE members might find jobs suited to their interests.

Current URPE List of Job Postings (posted 9/1/2013 forward)

Other Sources of Relevant Job Postings

The URPE Listserv is a good place to look for job notices, especially in economics. Click here for information on joining the Listserv. You can look at the archives for recent job notices.

The Heterodox Economics Newsletter is another source for job notices. Members of the URPE Listserv automatically receive the HEN, so you will hear of jobs when they are posted. You can also look at the HEN website under "current issue" and then "job postings."

Listservs with job postings targeted to specific audiences include:

International Association For Feminist Economics List (IAFFE-L)
To subscribe, visit:

National Economic Association (NEA-L)
To subscribe:
The list is particularly interested in fostering discussion of economic issues which are of exceptional interest to native and immigrant African Americans, Latinos, and other people of color.

A mainstream employment source for economists is the American Economic Association, which publishes Job Openings for Economists on their website.

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