Heterodox Economics

Heterodox economics refers to economic theories and communities of economists that are in various ways an alternative to mainstream economics. (Fred Lee, Heterodox Economics Directory)

Fred Lee of the University of Missouri at Kansas City has compiled a tremendous amount of information on heterodox economics:

The Heterodox Economics Newsletter is distributed through email approximately every two weeks. Subscribers to the URPE Listserv receive this newsletter automatically. Each issue (listed under "Current Issue" on the newsletter's website) contains calls for conference papers, job postings, conference announcements, journals, articles, notices of books, book reviews, websites, associations, queries, and other announcements.

The Newsletter's website also includes a calendar, various documents, newsletter archives, and an updated Heterodox Economics Directory. The directory includes an introduction to and description of heterodox economics, updated lists of graduate programs and undergraduate programs, scholarly and popular journals, publishers, and associations. And you can download the whole thing!

The Newsletter is linked to the Heterodox Economics Portal. This includes information on the activities of the Association for Heterodox Economics, and sections for schools, societies, and journals, as well as a directory of economists with an interest in a heterodox approach to the study of economics.

The Heterodox Economics Web was a precursor to the Portal and Newsletter mentioned above, and contains older information. It is no longer updated, but you can find still-useful resources on teaching and activism. The teaching resources include textbooks, film lists and reviews, readings, syllabi, and on-line resources.

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