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URPE members have been active in the fight to protect Social Security. They have spoken at conferences, in classrooms, on the radio, at demonstrations, and at government hearings. They have created websites, written articles and books, and composed songs. On this page we link you to some of what URPE members have produced. We also have links to useful websites and written material created by other organizations and individuals. As we continue to hear of more articles and sites we will add them to this page.


Updating Material

This page was created in the mid-2000s, when the Bush administration was trying to privatize Social Security. Now that there is another round of attacks on Social Security, we are updating the page. Many of the books and articles are from the earlier period, but are still relevant. New articles are followed by a green date. The organizing tools are either new or still relevant. The web pages listed at the bottom are all current.


Note:  If you have trouble reading pdfs, make sure you have the current version of Acrobat Reader.



If you need a speaker on Social Security for your educational or activist event, call Economy Connection at
(201) 792-7459 or send an email to Economy Connection.

Read about some talks URPE speakers have given on Social Security.



Dean Baker & Mark Weisbrot
Social Security: The Phony Crisis

Barbara R. Bergmann & Jim Bush
Is Social Security Broke?: A Cartoon Guide to the Issues 2000

Robert B. Carson, Wade L. Thomas & Jason Hecht
Economic Issues Today: Alternative Approaches
See chapter with conservative, liberal and radical views on Social Security

Max Skidmore
Social Security and Its Enemies

Christian Weller & Edward N. Wolff
Retirement Income: The Crucial Role of Social Security



Michael Meeropol testified in favor of a Springfield, MA City Council resolution to protect Social Security. The resolution was passed. See articles below for Michael's views.

Doug Henwood, Paddy Quick and June Zaccone testified before a subcommittee of the NYC City Council on May 12, 2005, on a similar resolution. Read their testimony.


Conferences & Panels

Brecht Forum, May 25, 2005
Doug Henwood, Paddy Quick, Mike Whitty

2005 Left Forum, April 7, 2005
Trudy Goldberg, Doug Henwood, Chris Rude


Articles & Interviews

Some URPE members/friends have written numerous articles on Social Security; rather than listing their articles separately, we have listed their websites.

Gar Alperovitz
What A Rich Nation Should Really Be Doing About Social Security

Katie Baird
Trust Fund Critics Detract f rom Real Social Security Debate

Dean Baker
Author of many articles defending Social Security, widely circulated in the Left and mainstream media.  He is based at the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

Heather Boushey
Social Security: The Most Important Anti-Poverty Program for Children

Carroll L. Estes
Social Security Privatization and Older Women: A Feminist Political Economy Perspective

Ellen Frank
The Raw Deal,
2004, pp 93-101, updated version of articles below
Social Security Q&A 2001
The Myth of the Social Security Trust Fund 1999

Teresa Ghilarducci
The Political Economy of Social Security Reform in the U.S.
in URPE's Political Economy & Contemporary Capitalism
plus many articles on pensions and retirement economics; see Dollars & Sense, May-June 2005

William Greider
Looting Social Security  Part 1   Part 2   2009/2010
Whacking the Old Folks  2010
Obama Threatens So
cial Security  2010

Doug Henwood
Social Security, revisited

Michael Hudson
The $4.7 Trillion Pyramid: Why Social Security Won't Be Enough to Save Wall Street

Brent Kramer
Stop the Debt Commission’s Attacks on Retirees   2010
Social Insecurity: public and private pensions   2010

Eric Laursen
Peoples Pension Blog on Social Security   2010/2011
Back to Reaganomics   2010

Arthur MacEwan
Are Entitlements Weakening the Empire?  (Dollars & Sense)   2010  

Michael Meeropol
Bush Social Security Proposal a Huge Scam

Thomas R. Michl
Saving Social Security the Right Way
Social Security: The Manufactured Crisis
Bush Plan Threatens to Divide Americans

John Miller
The Social Security Administration’s Cracked Crystal Ball
Go Ahead and Lift the Cap   2008

Monthly Review Editors, October 2000
Social Security, the Stock Market, and the Elections

Monthly Review Editors, April, 2005
The Great Fear Stagnation and the War on Social Security

Warren Mosler & Mathew Forstater
Social Security: Another Case of Innocent Fraud?

Doug Orr
Social Security Q&A: Separating Fact from Fiction Updated 2010
Social Security Q&A: Separating Fact from Fiction

Arthur Perlo
Search Peoples World for many articles by Arthur and others on Social Security

Nomi Prins
Sections of Jacked: How "Conservatives" Are Picking Your Pocket (Whether You Voted for Them or Not)

Marta Russell
Targeting Disability

William E. Spriggs
African Americans and Social Security:
Why the Privatization Advocates Are Wrong

Christian Weller
See EPI's Social Security Issue Guide for many articles up to 2005;
also Center for American Progress

Richard Wolff
The Deficit Reduction Commission and Class War   2010

L. Randall Wray
Search for Wray under publications at Levy Economics Institute and UMKC's Center for Full Employment and Price Stability for additional articles
The Emperor Has No Clothes: President Clinton's Proposed Social Security Reform.
Killing Social Security Softly with Faux Kindness: The Draft Report by the President's Commission on Social Security Reform
Manufacturing a Crisis: the neo-con attack on Social Security
The Ownership Society: Social Security is only the beginning....

Does Social Security Need Saving?
(with Dimitri B. Papadimitriou)
How Can We Provide for the Baby Boomers in Their Old Age?
More Pain, No Gain: The Breaux Plan Slashes Social Security Benefits Unnecessarily
Social Security's 70th Anniversary: Surviving 20 Years of Reform

Yavuz Yasar
It’s the Prices, Stupid: The Underlying Problems of the U.S. Social Security System    2009


Useful Flyers and Other Organizing Tools

AFL-CIO   Charts   Clear information, charts, links

Alliance for Retired Americans Fact Sheets

Economic Opportunity Institute  Useful summary flyer

Midwest Academy 2-part Slide Show (dated but well-done):
Social Security is not Going Broke
The Bush Plan Weakens Social Security

National Jobs for All Coalition
Social Security: What's in It for Younger People?  (Interactive quiz)
Social Security: What's in It for Younger People?   (Flyer version)
Private Accounts Flyer One page flyer
No Crisis Flyer One page flyer
Facts About Social Security 2010
Social Security Packet: Summary and Update  (rev. 9/10)
Articles by Helen Ginsburg, Trudy Goldberg, June Zaccone and others.
Some material is translated into Spanish.



Ray Korona

Brent Kramer
No Return


Web Pages of Organizations with URPE members that have Social Security Info

Center for American Progress
Includes many articles by Christian Weller, Heather Boushey and others

Center for Economic and Policy Research
Includes many articles by Dean Baker, Mark Weisbrot, Heather Boushey and other URPE members

Center for Popular Economics: Several "Econ-Atrocities" on Social Security by Gerald Friedman

Dollars and Sense:
Social Security Page with older articles by Doug Orr, John Miller, William E. Spriggs, Ellen Frank, Christian Weller, Paul Precht and Mark Weisbrot. Search site for newer articles.

Economic Policy Institute  Many recent articles on retirement, by Monique Morrissey and others
2005 EPI SS Guide

Institute for Women's Policy Research (IWPR)
Women and Social Security
-- Campaign, extensive resources, links, media watch

Labor Notes  Search site
Section from Labor Notes September 2010  2010

Left Business Observer
Mostly older articles on SS, but much current context

National Jobs for All Coalition
Much updated info along with older info

People's World
Search site


Other Websites with Social Security Info

AARP has a lot of information on its site, and is probably the largest organization fighting to preserve Social Security, so we are listing it here. But beware of their positions – they say they want to increase SS's solvency, and some of the options they consider aren't so great. Most URPE people don't feel there is any solvency problem, and especially not a problem that must be addressed now. In fact, many feel that it should not be addressed now, because many solutions would weaken Social Security and make people less likely to fight to preserve it.

AFL-CIO general Social Security page

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Century Foundation

Paul Krugman has written many articles on Social Security, from a liberal standpoint, for the New York Times.

Nation Magazine Search site for articles by Greider (see above), Nichols and others

National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare


Our Fiscal Security

Portside  News, analysis, opinion, discussion of topics of interest to people on the Left. Many articles on Social Security. Search site.

Strengthen Social Security  Broad coalition, lots of resources, short video, active campaigns

Talking Points Memo (TPM) A source for MoveOn.org's talking points (search site)


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