URPE sponsors our own conferences as well as sessions at annual meetings of economics associations, including the Allied Social Science Associations, the Eastern Economics Association, and the Southern Economics Association. The next ASSA conference will be in Boston, January 3-5, 2015; see our ASSA section for more information. The next EEA conference will be in NYC in 2015 (check back for date); see our EEA section. The next SEA conference will be in Atlanta, November 22-24, 2014; see our SEA section.

Additionally, URPE members organize both annual and occasional conferences, including our Brooklyn Conference, and participate in conferences with an activist, multi-discipline orientation, such as the Left Forum in NYC. The next LF conference will be held May 30-June 1, 2014.

One way to find out about other economics and activist conferences is to join the URPE Listserv, or view its archives. We also refer you to other email lists that frequently mention conferences. One excellent source of information on both mainstream and heterodox economics conferences is the Heterodox Economics Newsletter.


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