About URPE

The Union for Radical Political Economics (URPE) is an interdisciplinary association devoted to the study, development and application of radical political economic analysis to social problems. Founded in 1968, URPE presents a continuing critique of the capitalist system and all forms of exploitation and oppression while helping to construct a progressive social policy and create socialist alternatives. URPE members, often in cooperation with other organizations, organize local study groups, speaking and writing projects, and political events. URPE’s inter­national members in Latin America are involved in discussions, visits, and exchanges.

Our main activities:

The Review of Radical Political Economic (RRPE) is a quarterly journal that publishes articles on radical political economics, coordinated by an elected editorial board and an editor. The Review presents articles on radical political economic theory and applied analysis from a wide variety of theoretical traditions — including Marxian, institutional, post-Keynesian and feminist.

The URPE Newsletter is a quarterly publication with news of the organi­zation, short articles, reports on members’ political activities, debates ­between URPE members, and news of events and conferences.

The URPE Summer Conference is a unique 3-4 day conference that has traditionally been held on the East Coast of the United States at a camp or campus. The objective of the conference is to provide a relaxed, family-friendly space in which to share ideas and to showcase activism on issues that affect our economic lives. Academics, activists, and just plain folks are invited to attend and to present their work and their ideas in workshop format.

URPE at ASSA is a group of URPE-organized sessions within the annual January meetings of the Allied Social Science Associations (commonly known as the American Economic Association meeting). Participants tend to be academics and policy makers who present the latest research in radical political economy and read controversial economic issues of the day.

URPE at the Eastern Economic Association (EEA) meetings is a small group of URPE-organized sessions within the annual spring meetings of the EEA.

Economy Connection, URPE’s speaker/resource bureau, puts people who are knowledgeable in various areas of the economy in touch with people who want this information to further their political activities.

See our History page and download our Brochure for more detailed descriptions of URPE's nature, history and projects. Click here for a listing of our staff, Steering Committee members, and RRPE Editorial Board members. See our Preliminary 2013 Annual Report.


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